Optimize Existing Warehouse Space with Pallet Pull-Out Units

Dynamic Storage Solutions for Pallets

Up to 30% more storage capacity with pallet pull-out units, also known as pallet drawers, in your existing pallet racking system.

A pallet pull-out unit is like a drawer mounted on the floor or on the beam of the racking system. The pallet is placed onto the pull-out unit and with very little effort can easily be pushed/pulled in and out. This allows full access from three sides resulting in a normal and ergonomically correct work posture.

Maximize your available storage space with pallet drawers

Space is always a scarce resource in the warehouse. Anyone facing this every day knows how challenging it can be.

A simple solution:

Pallet pull-out units mounted in your existing pallet ranking system make it so much easier to fully utilize the available storage space.

York Shipping Pallet Pull Out Unit Beam

Using pallet pull-out units, there is no need for clearance height between the pallet contents and the 1st floor of the racking system. Use the space for storage instead and get up to 30% more space in the pallet ranking system.

In addition, it is a very small investment: The pallet pull-out unit fits into most pallet racking systems and does not require a special type of pallet racking system.

Before After Pallet Pull Out Units

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